You May Select Any Of Our Mysteries to be Performed for You

“The Murdered Mistress”     

         Senator Joe Jackson is running for President of the United States. On the eve of the election, he hosts a reception for his loyal campaign workers. Unfortunately, during the reception, someone discovers that the body of actress Mitzy Monroe is found dead in his bed in his hotel suite.

“Marriage, Mob, & Murder!”

        The daughter of the Balconi Mob Family is marrying the son of the Stiletto Mob Family. When the body of young Tony Stiletto is found riddled with bullets in his car on the way to the church, the two families decide to head to the reception to make sense of the violence. Soon, both families begin pointing fingers at one another and more violence emerges. It’s Romeo & Juliet – Mob Style!

“A Murderous Reunion”

         The Calvin Coolidge High School Class of 1989 celebrates their 30th Reunion. Unfortunately, days before the reunion, the former class president, Jason Jensen,  is blown up in his car in the parking lot of Taco Heaven. Everyone wanted him dead!

"The Haunting Party!"    

       The cast & crew of the 1942 film, "Return to Horror Island" join Director Victor Marshall for a private screening of this new film. Apparently someone wants to turn the movie plot into reality!  (Great for Halloween Parties!!!)

“Dead Man’s Hand”

       Eight of the World’s top poker players compete in an underground poker tournament for a winner-take-all purse of $7.5 million dollars. The loser goes home in a body bag.

“Music, Murder, and Mayhem!”

       The famed singing trio, the Monroe Sisters, perform in a private concert for their adoring home town fans before embarking on their farewell tour. Alas, one of the sisters is targeted for murder!  
(*** Suitable for a Holiday Themed Party if desired

“Goering’s Diamonds”

       It’s 1945 near the end of World War II. The location is a train station in Lyon, France where an international group of suspects have all gathered to try and steal a suitcase of diamonds from an American Army Officer. The result is deadly.

“Another Fistful of Bullets!”

       A film production company is rehearsing and shooting scenes for an upcoming B-western movie, “Another Fistful of Bullets!” There are those who will go to great lengths to ensure that the movie is never made!

“The Murderer Who Came to Dinner!”

       Eccentric Millionaire Nicholas Shockley has invited 8 guests with murderous pasts to dinner under false pretenses. They discover that they are involved in a deadly game in which one of them will be murdered that night!   (*** Suitable for a Holiday Party if desired)

“The Ghost of Windsor Manor”

       An eccentric spinster aunt has called together members of her family to inform them that her young nephew was discovered dead hanging from the balcony railing that morning. A note was pinned to his body warning the family to leave the manor at once! Apparently the Ghost of Windsor Manor has returned to wreck havoc on the family!

“Murder at the Opera”

        Famed Opera Tenor, Lucianno Manicotti, collapsed on the stage of Carnegie Hall just a week ago – poisoned! Now his widow and daughter have called together Lucianno’s closest friends and business associates for a reading of the will and a séance to see if his murderer can be revealed.

“Post Time for Murder!”

         It’s time for the Running of the Roses. Favorite, Big Black, is scheduled to run away with the race, but there are many who will do everything in their power to keep the Thoroughbred from racing.
 (Great for Derby, Preakness, and Belmont Parties!!!)

"Twas the Murder Before Christmas!"
      It's Christmas time at the McPherson house. The entire dysfunctional family has joined together to meet Uncle Charlie's new bride, Tatiana, on Christmas Eve.  Charlie is wealthy and the family is dying to get their hands on his money! (Holiday Theme Party)

“The Butler Didn’t Do It!”

       Eccentric millionaire, Jet Harrison, hosts a party for his friends and family. He is pleased to announce that his company has just built the world’s fastest and most advanced fighter jet. But at the party’s outset, his loyal and devoted butler is found dead in the kitchen. What follows is intrigue and corporate espionage!

“Fashion Runway: Murdering Diva’s”

         Judges Heidi Klam, Simon Howell, and  Neena Garcia all prepare to name a finalist in a reality TV show competition featuring 5 contestants who compete for the World’s Top Fashion Designer. The contestants all have deadly intentions to win at all cost!

"Belles, Bourbon & Belladonna!"
      The Castle Family has been distilling bourbon in Kentucky since 1878. Woodson Everett Castle Jr., the owner, is now dying of cancer. He has three daughters and a son. Unwilling to leave the business in the hands of his daughters, he is also worried about his worthless son who is more interested in chasing booze, women, horse, and cards. So he has laid down the law to his son - straighten up and get married in the next 90 days and the distillery will be his. Now the son has brought home a fiancee and there are many who are  unhappy about this turn of events!

“Broadcast Murder!"

       A Greenbay, Wisconsin TV news station prepares for the 6 0’clock news in the midst of a blizzard and a chaotic Christmas shopping spree just days before the holiday. The general manager, who was despised by all, is discovered murdered in his office minutes before the broadcast.  (Holiday Theme Party)

"The Haunted Train!"

       The wife of Hollywood horror film director, Victor Marshall, travels aboard a train to San Francisco.  Within the last year she has been terrorized by images of ghosts and suspects that someone is trying to scare her to death! 

“Murder at the Museum”

         The newly discovered lost Picasso painting - 'Tete de Cheval' - goes on the auction block at a museum in the midst of a gala party and fundraiser. There are those who will go to great lengths to get their hands on that painting!

 “Quest for Murder!"

         Its 1903 in London, England. The Royal Geographical Society is celebrating an historical find which occurred on an expedition to the Middle East to find the Holy Grail. Sir Alexander Hunt has found the priceless bonze statue of the horse of Alexander the Great - Bucephalus! Thievery is in the cards tonight along with murder!

"Prohibition Murder!"

        Chicago Mayor "Big Bill" Taylor, an advocate for prohibition, is secretly attending a local speak easy to celebrate a new city government contract. His enemies have tracked him to Kitty Malone's to kill him!


        9 Guests have been offered $50,000 to spend the night in a creepy mansion. If they all survive by morning, they each collect their money. If not, then all bets are off!

"Murder on the 20th Century Ltd.”

         A troupe of actors travels by train from New York to Chicago to present a new comedy, "Shakespeare's Last Stand.” Unfortunately, the actor playing Julius Caesar is found stabbed multiple times on the train. Everyone’s a suspect!

 “Silent Night, Deadly Night!”

         Eight Guests are staying at a luxury ski resort when a blizzard hits and an avalanche closes down the only road leading down the mountain. The power goes out and when lights are restored, it is discovered that the Resort Owner is found stabbed to death! It’s a night of terror!  
(*** Suitable for a Holiday Theme Party)

“Murder by Numbers”

         Corporate intrigue, stock manipulation, and a plummeting stock market all force Amalgamated Resources to hold an emergency meeting of the Board of Directors.  Each of the Board Members finds a strangely worded message in a letter left for them in the Board Room. The letters suggest that one of them will be killed that day and that it is up to the Board to try and decipher the coded message to discover the killer or victim before it’s too late.

“Murder on the Mountain”

         It is 1933, and a group of Guests stay at a mountain inn.  When a desperate mountain man attempts to rob the guests one morning, a young teenage boy is shot and killed. The man flees and the law is called. He is tracked down by a deputy sheriff who arrests him and attempts to bring him in. Unfortunately, a torrential rain storm hits and the two men are forced to seek shelter at the nearest refuge – the inn where the crime was committed. Now the mountain man faces his accusers.

“Trial by Murder!”

        It’s 1933, and Railroad Baron, J.P. Morgenstern, is on trial for manslaughter. One of his trains derailed costing the lives of 72 people. It’s the trial of the century and many want J.P. dead!

 “Speak Easy of Murder!”

         It’s 1928, and Mobster and bootlegger, Danny “Lucky” Campisano hosts the Grand Opening of his new Speak Easy for friends and associates. He has ordered a special case of illegal gin just for the occasion. Unfortunately, the gin is poisoned and someone wants to spoil the party!   
(*** Suitable for a Holiday Party if desired!)

"A Murderous Wake"

         Charlie McPherson has died, leaving a legacy of $7.5 million to his heirs. But Detective Columbus shows up at the wake to inform the greedy family members that someone has switched out his medication - causing him to have a massive heart attack!

"Avenue M"

        A group of misfit Puppets have been hired for the cast of new children's TV show - "Avenue Kids." Unfortunately, jealousy, greed, and revengs all wreck havoc between the characters. It's puppets committing murder! (This show is for ADULTS ONLY! Adult language and subject matter prevail.  Also available in a PG format.)


"A Murderous Match Game!"

       Remember the hit daytime TV game show, 'Match Game' ??? Step back in time with this hilarious rendition featuring the celebrities you loved back in the early 1970's!  It's murder with a side splitting laughs!

"The InnSpectre"

        An Inn is reportedly haunted by a murderous ghost. The Inn Keeper invites Buffy Winters, Dr. Peter Winkman, Grant Wilkens, Melissa Gordon, Ted and Lorena Warren, Harry Price, and Velma Winkley to verify the presence of the Spectre. It has murderous results!

 "This Was Your Life!"

       Raymond Pillsberry finds himself in the hotseat on the hit TV show "This Was Your Life!" He is also confronted with numerous people in his past who want him dead! This one is loaded with laughs!

 "Avenue M: The Christmas Special!"

       All the puppets you love from the TV Show, "Avenue Kids" are here to present their annual holiday themed show. It's utter murder and mayhem at the hands of puppets!   (Available in a  (PG) format or an (R) Rating.)

"Murderous Megacon!"

       The 7th Annual MEGACON at the Los Angeles Convention Center is underway. This is the largest annual convention for fans of science fiction, fantasy, comic books, live action films, & video games. But tragedy has struck with the shocking news of the murder of legend, Lee Stanley - the founder of Marvelous Comics!

 "Trial For The Living Dead!"

        Based on the true story of the worst industrial tragedy in the history of the United States, this historical tale of the Hawk's Nest Tragedy of the early 1930's is told in a courtroom drama.

 "A Taste for Murder!"

        Eight of the World's Finest Chefs gather together to compete for the title of Top Chef on the hit TV Show, "The Next Top Chef!" Ego and Pride are on the menu in this cut throat competition. One of the chefs also discovers that POISON is on the menu as well! 

"The Haunted Train!"

       Hollywood Film Director, Victor Marshall is aboard a train heading to San Francisco with an assorted list of sundry characters who all are trying to gaslight Mr.s Eloise Marshall. Apparently a ghost has been haunting her and has followed her aboard the train!

 "Murder at the USO!"

        It's 1944 in Paris, France. American troops have rescued the city, and American entertainers have arrived to perform for the troops. But one of the performers is a Nazi sympathizer and has plans to kill an American Spy! Detective Hercule Parrott is on hand to solve the mystery.

"The Ghost of the Valley Gem!"

        Commodore Nathan West leads an expedition on the Ohio River to search for lost sunken French gold! Everyone is dying to get their hands on the gold valued at $100 million!  (MOST SUITABLE for a Riverboat Cruise)

"Until Parted by Death"

        It's the final day of a Dance Marathon in 1935. The top prize is $500 and only three couples remain on the dance floor. Who will survive to claim the top prize money?

"The Deadly Valentine"

       Country Western singing star, Blake Kirby, has been found strangled to death in his hotel room the morning after winning the Grammy Award for his hit song "My Valentine to You!" His success had deadly consequences.

"Murder at the Bunny Tail Mansion!"

        Magazine owner, Lou Heffner, is hosting a party for the new James Blonde spy movie, 'Inspectre' at his Bunny Tail Mansion. Jealousy seems to be the plot in a mystery filled with plenty of laughs and sexy surprises.  (Adult Audience)   *** (Suitable also for Halloween or Holiday Themed Party)

"The Secret of the Cobra's Kiss!" 

          A NEW Natalie Drew Mystery tailored for Family Friendly and younger audiences.  Princess Rani Devi Karan from India is touring the United States along with a priceless family heirloom - a statue of a cobra with sapphire eyes. The two eyes of the cobra are worth millions and everyone wants to get their hands on them!

"Murder on the Silk Road!"

        It's 1902 and a British Exploration Team, known as the Hunt Expedition, has arrived in Dunhuang, China to explore some the Mogao caves along the Silk Road. Led by Alex Hunt, the team is celebrating an historic find.

"The Newly Dead Game!"

        TV Host, Bill Eubanks, hosts a dangerous game that pits newly married couples against one another in a series of revealing question rounds to determine how much they really know about each other.

"The Sword and the Spectre!" 

       A group of paranormal experts and ghost hunters have been hired to try and rid an historic home of its several ghosts. Upon arrival they discover that there is also a lost treasure of General William Orlando Butler's valuable jewel encrusted sword to be found.

"The  Noel Express"

      Various travelers are on board a train departing London, England in 1934. It's Christmas time, and a young wealthy socialite is bringing home his new fiancee to meet his parents for the first time. One problem... he vanishes aboard the moving train - nowhere to be found!


      This is our Comedy Show.... improv comedy sketches and stand-up routines all designed to keep you in stitches all night long.

"Murder at Midnight!"

      Four couples who live in an upscale cul de sac in Santa Barbara, California gather for a neighborhood cocktail party. They soon learn that the pool boy who cleans and maintains each of their pools has been found dead. Its the desperate housewives of Santa Barbara!

"Murder at the Opry!"

      Some of the biggest names from the Grand Ole Opry in the 1960's have gathered together for a special concert. Unfortunately, the Show's producer is found stabbed to death in his office right before the show. Could one of the stars that night also be targeted???

"Murder in Key Largo!"

      It's 1937 and Philip Merlot is vacationing in Florida. He unwittingly is taken hostage by gangster, Johnny Marco, who intends to take him and his crew to Cuba to strike a deal for some counterfeit money.

"The Great Huntington Raid!"

      Paramount Pictures is filming a movie about the Jesse James Gang's bank robbery of Huntington Bank in West Virginia. Controversy swirls amongst the cast and crew as the film's executive producer arrives to visit the troubled movie set.

"Once Upon a Murder!"

      The Fairy Godmother has been brutally murdered - stabbed to death on the steps of the Palace!!! The people of the kingdom are in great fear now that her magic wand has been stolen. Even writer, Jacob Grimm, is worried about his ability maintain calm and order amongst the many characters of his stories which have come to life in this mystery.