Jon Wheeler


"The Murder Mysteries are so well done that you believe you are a part of the actors putting it on. If you get the chance to see them, you will enjoy yourself!"  

Megan Bates


"My boyfriend surprised me by taking me to a murder mystery dinner and it was a really fun date!"

Melinda Mann Campbell


 "We had an amazing time this weekend at Mountain Lake Lodge!!  We really enjoyed this show and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for great entertainment!! Thank you for making our weekend truly memorable!"  

Rachel LeMaster Adkins


This company is very well run with a great cast and an interesting story line! I would recommend this Murder Mystery company to anyone and everyone! 

Rick Frazer


They did a fantastic job! Wonderful  performance by the entire cast. Will definitely call on them again to kick it up a notch! Thanks again!!! 

LeeAnn McCallister Stephenson


I've attended two different shows with a group of family and friends. We all enjoyed ourselves so much both times and look forward to more shows. I highly recommend Murder and Merriment!